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New 415 page book Biblical Prophecies-Past, Present, and Future.

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Secrets of Biblical Prophecy Revealed

This Book describes how God will establish a one-world government.

The Bible speaks of unimaginable pain and suffering that will pave the way for the Messiah's return to earth. Why would a loving God want to inflict the kind of pain, agony, and terror described in the Bible as the wrath of God?

Is this wrath an inevitable part of the coming of the Messiah? If so, when will it come, and what does God hope to accomplish by it? Find out the answers to these and other pressing questions of faith in this book, which is a theological exploration into what may lie ahead for humanity in the coming years.

The book provides a detailed description of the events that will occur shortly before the end of human rule on earth, and God's establishment of a one-world government. This thought-provoking work reveals the prophetic sequence of events that foreshadow Christ's return, identifies the roles that a number of individuals will play in these events, and describes how current events in the Middle East coincide with what the Bible has forecasted.

Each prophetic topic is carefully researched and analyzed from the Biblical perspective, and focuses on Israel's importance to the survival of humanity. Jerusalem will be the capital of the future one-world government. Biblical interpretation is not for the faint of heart, but Mr. Cocherell explains these prophecies in easy-to-understand language accompanied by graphic illustrations. This information, he believes, will help people prepare for the cataclysmic changes in store for us, as well as the political and religious upheavals he says wait just around the corner.

About the Author

Mr. Cocherell has dedicated more than 40 years to biblical research, authoring and co-authoring eight books, and publishing 200 plus in-depth studies on and, which include information about the literal, prophetic, and symbolic meaning of various Biblical observances and holy convocations, providing copious insight into the plans that God has for humanity. Other works include How to Become Immortal, The Commanded Observances and Holy Convocations Past, Present, and Future (Vols. I & II), The Four Resurrections. His life experiences cover a wide range of professions, which include construction, engineering, supervision, education, and spiritual leadership.