Bible Prophecy 

Past, Present, Future

A Bright Future 

There are many Bible prophecies that speak about the coming Kingdom of God. These prophecies clearly show that those who live under its benevolent rule will enjoy great blessings including universal peace, freedom for all, and the elimination of all the ills that plague humanity today. Under the government of God, the hopes and dreams of people for a happy and productive life can be realized. 

Pain and Suffering

The Bible is also full of prophecies that speak of unimaginable pain and suffering that the Creator God says he is going to pour out on his human creation before he returns to establish his Father's government on earth. But why would the loving God who gave his life for humanity as the Messiah want to inflict the kind of pain, agony, and terror that is spoken of throughout the Bible as the Wrath of God? And if this Wrath of God is inevitable, when will it come and what does God hope to accomplish by it? 

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to share our knowledge and understanding of the Sovereign God's plan and purpose for humanity with those who are interested in living their lives according to the law of God, not by the dictates and traditions of men. Our secondary goal is to proclaim the coming Kingdom of God as a warning and a witness to humanity before the Messiah returns to rule the earth.

We hope that you will find these studies of God's word intellectually challenging and spiritually enlightening and beneficial.